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PGE-Bearing Mined Chromite Tailings And Dumps (South Africa)


The Company") is implementing a near- to medium-term strategy to capitalise on its unique processing ability ("ConRoast" ) to smelt high chrome-containing platinum (PGE) concentrates. Jubilee through its subsidiary Jubilee Tailings Treatment Company (Pty ) Ltd (“JTTC”) has:

  • entered into a Process of Tailings Dam  Agreement with Dilokong Chrome Mines (Pty ) Ltd (“DCM”)  and its parent ASA Metals (PY) Ltd to process some 1.1 million tonnes of  DCM’s PGE-bearing chromite tailings (“DCM Tailings”) for the recovery  separately of the chromite and the PGEs;

  • commenced commercial operation of the 1st stage chromite recovery section of the DCM tailings process facility, which in terms of production,  chromite quality and market price is operating significantly better than projected with consequential benefit to the quality of the PGE Tailings generated. The enhanced grade (6 to 7 g/t PGE) - PGE tailings produced from the chromite recovery section are being stored pending the outcome of an evaluation of various processing options for the PGE tailings. The options include own processing plant, direct sale or toll treatment using others’ processing plants which have  excess capacity or are mothballed;

  • entered into a Co-Operation  Agreement with Hernic Ferrochrome (Pty ) Ltd (“Hernic”)  to process more than 1.7 million tonnes PGE-bearing chromite tailings (“Hernic Tailings”) which have been independently fully drilled and assayed for chrome and PGE content (2.8g/t PGE)  to produce a SAMREC compliant resource statement, and of which approximately 90% is classified within the measured category. In addition to this SAMREC compliant resource, Hernic has identified a further 1.6 million tonnes (Hernic estimate) of at-surface secondary stocks, which through additional drilling could augment the current SAMREC resource to a total 3.3  million tonnes; and

  • secured the funding for the detail design and engineering (completed) for both of its chrome and PGM's surface processing operations and for the construction of the beneficiation processing plants (concentrators) at Hernic and DCM. As at September 2016, the construction of the Hernic plant is 70% complete, on schedule and within budget.

Jubilee is targeting to commence commercial production at Hernic by Q1 2017, which with the current processing of DCM Tailings will together process 85,000 tonnes tailings per month to produce an estimated 3,000 oz of PGE+ minor Au per month (36,000oz annually) in concentrate.


PGE-bearing chromite reefs

Jubilee's unique access to the ConRoast process enables Jubilee to unlock the inherent PGE (platinum group element) values in the traditional chrome ores via the extraction of PGEs and chrome from near- or at-surface platinum containing chrome reefs. These ores were traditionally only mined for its in-situ chrome with the PGEs either lost as part of the run-of-mine ore sale or trapped within the tailings from the chrome beneficiation process and deposited on surface. The ability of the ConRoast process to recover the PGEs from this chrome dominant ore structure affords Jubilee an unique opportunity to unlock the inherent PGE values. Jubilee's medium-term plans envisage constructing PGE concentrator plants capable of producing up to 15 000oz of PGEs in concentrate annually and targeting growth to reach an annual production of 50 000oz of PGEs in concentrate within five years through access to near or at-surface platinum containing chromite reefs. The Company has applied for the PGE and chrome prospecting rights to 69 prospective PGE-chromite portions on the farm Bokfontein 448QT.


Latest photos of construction at the Hernic plant (Mar 2017)

  Hernic Project PGM Processing Plant - Mar 2017   Hernic Project - Feb 2017   Chromite Recovery Plant being tied into the operations - Jan 2017   Hernic Project view from the control room  - Jan 2017  



Latest photos of construction at the DCM ASA plant (Jul 2016)


DCM ASA Tailings Project Spiral Modules Installed

  DCM ASA Tailings Project Spiral Modules Installed   DCM ASA Tailings Project Installation of Base Module   DCM ASA Tailings Project Delivery of Chrome Recovery Modules  







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