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Health and Safety

Jubilee is committed to upholding the highest levels of safety and occupational health standards across all its operations. The Company’s aim is not only to meet relevant legislative requirements, but also to achieve best practice standards both nationally and internationally with regard to safety and health.

Providing a safe and healthy workplace is a key priority for Jubilee, and particular emphasis is placed on trying to eliminate all workplace injuries and work-related ill health effects.

Key environmental legislation regulates the mining industry in South Africa and Jubilee aims to maintain a comprehensive environmental management plan for all its projects and future operations. These plans address the risks associated with mining and the subsequent closure and rehabilitation of the property.

Mining is a fine balance between commercial viability and environmental sustainability, and Jubilee is committed to operating in a manner that will ensure the longevity of both the operations and the areas and communities surrounding its operations.

As a result, Jubilee endeavours to manage and mitigate the impact on affected natural ecosystems, contribute towards biodiversity conservation, ensure effective and appropriate land rehabilitation, and ensure that comprehensive disaster management plans are in place. Work in this regard is ongoing and Jubilee aims to continue to improve its waste minimisation measures, its energy efficiency, and its air, land and water management systems.

Jubilee has begun monitoring key environmental indicators for the Tjate project via a recently commissioned environmental base line study. This will complement the environmental impact assessment that will follow acceptance of its application. As such, the Company aims to establish a benchmark against which it can measure the impact of activities once mining operations begin.

Apart from the economic and technical advantages of ConRoast over conventional six-in-line smelters, the process has a significant environmental advantage in that virtually all of the sulphur in the concentrate is converted in one stage into sulphur dioxide in the roasting plant and immediately converted into sulphuric acid. As a result, there is little risk of fugitive gas escaping into the atmosphere, as can be the case with conventional multi-stage processes. ConRoast is not restricted to processing low-sulphur ores as some of the conventional smelters.

Furthermore an important environmental advantage is that all of the chrome-rich UG2 and nickel-rich Platreef ores can be mined without the need to blend them with low-chrome sulphide rich Merensky reef ore, from which the waste products can lead to acid drainage, a condition, which arises from the generation of acid left in un-mined or un-processed underground sulphidic rocks on surface dumps. These products, together with the waste dumped from processing of the ores, can leach and generate acid run-off potentially polluting ground water.


Jubilee appreciates the importance of community consultation and facilitates the involvement and awareness of relevant communities and their representatives when undertaking any exploration or development activity.

In South Africa, the company liaises fully with the Limpopo Heritage Resource Agency (LHRA) in respect of its Tjate Project and development activities . This is in keeping with the provincial heritage status accorded to the Tjate valley, a part of which encompasses a portion of one of the three farms (Tjate 249KT) that make up the Tjate Project area. The Company also liaises with the Tjate Traditional Authority and its Tjate people, for both of which, the Company is assisting to formalise and register respectively as the Tjate Traditional Council and Tjate Community in terms of the Limpopo Traditional Leadership and Institutions Act 6 of 2005 (LTA).  This formalisation will enable the Tjate Community to acquire its rightful Mining Charter Community interest  in the Tjate Project and to benefit from  the provisions in the Social and Labour plan as submitted to the DMR pursuant to Tjate’s  Mining Right Application,

Jubilee’s appointment to the Tjate Board of historically disadvantaged South African (HDSA) non-executive directors, whose responsibilities include liaising with the Tjate community, reinforces the Company’s commitment to the principles of the Mining Charter and community consultation.

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