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Jubilee Platinum secured a Mining Right for the Tjate Platinum Project, the medium to long term strategy is to secure strategic partners to develop and/or an outright sale of the project.

The Company has established Braemore Platinum Resources (Pty Ltd) (a subsidiary of Jubilee) to explore for near-surface PGE and chrome prospects in the Bushveld to add to the current development of its DCM and Hernic Tailings projects.


Tjate Project location in eastern limb of the Bushveld Complex - Merensky depth


Jubilee Platinum’s near-term mining strategy is to exploit and develop potential near-surface PGE-bearing chromite-rich reefs in the Bushveld, to seek further JV opportunities for exploiting other PGE chromite-rich reefs and tailing dumps with or without associated base metals in Southern Africa, including Zimbabwe and Botswana to evaluate mining and processing of potential copper tailings in Australia and, in the longer term, to develop the Tjate Platinum Project.





In South Africa, processing operations are being developed based on the exclusive use of the ConRoast technology, to reclaim previously uneconomic PGEs from chromite mine tailings, from new chromite operations and their tailings on the platinum-rich Bushveld Igneous Complex (BIC). ConRoast also has an environmental advantage over conventional smelting.





Jubilee has completed a design and engineering study for when its first ConRoast 5MW DC arc smelting furnace is realised and feed for it become available from future platinum producing projects including Tjate.



As part of Jubilee’s drive for total capability, the Company undertook a feasibility study including metallurgical testing, on the application of Chemical Vapour Metal Refining (CVMR) Inc.’s proprietary carbonyl CVMR® Metals technology for PGE- rich iron alloy from ConRoast. As consideration, and to secure the rights to CVMR technology, the Company issued 1.22 million Jubilee ordinary shares in December 2010 to CVMR. CVMR is a privately owned Canadian mining and processing company.

CVMR® technology has been developed over a number of years and has proved its effectiveness in recovery, separation and refining of metals from ores, concentrates, mattes, slurries, and wastes and producing a range of refined base metals. In the case of ConRoast, a high-grade platinum group metals (PGEs) product is produced as a residue after the recovery, separation and refining of nickel, cobalt and iron in ConRoast PGE-rich iron alloy. The process is environmentally neutral and has been approved by environmental monitoring authorities in Canada, the USA, China and Germany. The Canadian and USA authorities have also recognized it as the most environmentally friendly of refining processes.

The trials showed that carbonyl refining provides an efficient and cost-effective technology for recovering PGEs and base metals from the PGE-rich iron alloy produced by the ConRoast process.

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